A new autoanalyzer’s generation offers a flexible solution with optimal throughput and low water consumption. Robust and user-friendly, Metrolab 2300 GL operates with a leading edge software.

This is a compact random access clinical chemistry analyzer that processes up to 200 tests/hour. It is an open system that counts with suggested applications for the most usual reagents, although the user can always get optimal results using Wiener lab.’s reagents that counts with more than 100 available applications and assigned values for calibrators and controls for this instrument.

Key features and benefits:

* Its 48 positions for reagents cover the whole range of routine tests of a medium-sized laboratory in only one cycle.

* The instrument comes with 2 reaction trays of 80 positions. 160 determinations can be processed in only one cycle with minimum operator intervention.

* Designed for working in the roughest conditions, minimum after-sales maintenance. Online diagnosing and training available.

* Bidirectional: it can be easily interfaced with a LIS system.

* Software languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Greek, French, Polish, Italian. User-friendly graphic interface running in Windows environment.

Technical Features

Reagent Tray

48 reagent positions

20, 30 and 50 mL vials

Programmable volume: R1: 0-700 μL; R2: 0-450 μL

Standard reagent volume: 200 μL

Sample Tray

48 sample positions.

Tubes or sample cups.

Volume: 2-100 μL.

Reaction Tray

80 cuvettes with 0.6 cm light path.

Minimum reading volume: 200 μL.

Incubation system with air circulation (30°C and 37°C).


True double beam optical system.

Filters: 340, 405, 505, 550, 570, 590, 650, 700
and 767 nm (380 or 450 nm optional).

Width: 10 nm.

Range: -0.1 -3.6 Abs.

Halogen lamp: 6V-20W.

Random Access.

Routine, Stat, Batch and Profiles.