Can I become a Metrolab dealer?

Yes. Fill in our contact form here!

Can I be an exclusive dealer in my country?

Habitually, this is possible and agrees with our policies on distribution. Very large or geographically complex countries may have more than one dealer, this will be previously agreed.

What options regarding support will I count with?

We count with multimedia training material for installation as well as for technical support. We also count with complete manuals for installation and technical support. This material is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Our technical support department could also offer its services in those three languages.

What languages are available in the software?

English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Greek, French, Polish, Italian. A utility software could easily translate it into your language from any of the previous languages.

My company does not count with a staff for technical support or installations. Can I close a deal with you?

No. You must count with a staff for installations and technical support that will be trained by us.

What types of payment methods are accepted?

We accept pre-payment or letters of credit.

I would need a demo unit together with a reagent kit for training. Will I get a special price for this unit?


Can the device be “closed” so it will work exclusively with Wiener lab.’s reagents?



I would need a device carrying my brand. Is this possible?

Yes. Depending on the annual number of devices agreed on the contract.

To what extent can I customize the device?

1.- Your own brand on the front of the device and during software initial startup. Color combinations over patterns.
2.- User manuals with your brand.

Could the software be translated into my language?

Yes, it is possible with your collaboration.

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