Automated Clinical Analyzer

Benchtop solutions for small and medium laboratory settings. Our 2300 line counts with numerous benefits that make it useful for any kind of laboratory. They can work as main reading device of a small or emergencies laboratory, or as “backup” device of an automated laboratory of bigger size. They have been designed to work in the most demanding conditions and with minimum maintenance cost. Operations that usually require from technical support (lamp replacement, alignment, access to the peristaltic pump) have been simplified so that they can easily be performed by the user.

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... a Wiener Lab Group Company

Metrolab UV Vis is an Argentinian company with almost 40 years in the market. The development and manufacturing of laboratory devices has been its objective since its beginnings, focusing primarily in automatic and semi-automatic clinical chemistry analyzers. Since its beginnings as well, exports have been another major characteristic of its profile counting by thousands the devices installed around the globe. In January 2013, the company has been completely acquired by Wiener lab, the first and largest manufacturer of clinical diagnostic reagents in Latin America. 50 years have passed since its establishment and nowadays Wiener lab. can offer complete solutions for the medium sized laboratory segment, of which it has become a regional leader, that fulfill all international quality standards.

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The instruments are marketed through distributors under the
brand Metrolab® or under private label (OEM).

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5 Reasons
why you should acquire a Metrolab

More than 30 years designing, developing and offering lab automation solutions.


The devices have been designed for working in the roughest conditions and require minimum maintenance. As a company in a developing country, we know exactly what is needed.


Sufficient positions for samples and reagents. Precise throughput. The friendliest software. No complications.

Easily interfaced to any LIS.

LIS v5 - OUR Computing Solutions for Laboratories, is a modular computing system that seeks to meet the operating processes of medium and large laboratories, ob​serving the quality standards of information.​

Our Goals

Flexible to each Laboratory environment, LIS implements powerful management tools that facilitate the administration of the laboratory, the organization and optimization of resources and processes, thus achieving quality and reliability.


Training videos for Technical Service. Training videos for installation. E-learning. Complete user manuals. And what’s more important: only humans answer our phone.


Reagents, controls, calibrators, LIS and device manufacturer is only one. The whole components of your lab-work are integrated in one single and powerful system for better results.

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