Metrolab UV Vis is an Argentinian company with almost 40 years in the market. The development and manufacturing of laboratory equipment has been its objective since its beginnings, focusing primarily on automatic and semiautomatic clinical chemistry analyzers. Since its beginnings as well, exports have been another major characteristic of its profile counting by thousands the devices installed around the globe.

What's the PLAN?

Metrolab is still committed to looking after the numerous customers it keeps. After going through an internal reorganization during 2013, its productive capacity and an ambitious plan for developing new devices that adjust to the market have repositioned the company. We are aware of the fact that the success of a new line of devices will be the result of after-sales support, and we have important news to bring you about this.

Wiener Lab

In January 2013, the company has been completely acquired by Wiener lab., the first and largest manufacturer of clinical diagnostic reagents in Latin America. 50 years have passed since its establishment and nowadays Wiener lab. can offer complete solutions for the medium sized laboratory segment, of which it has become a regional leader, that fulfill all international quality standards.

Emerging again

Metrolab’s relaunching will take place at Medica 2014, November 12th to 15th, in Düsseldorf, Germany, in Hall 3, booth B58 where we will be very pleased to receive you.

How we think

Everyone deserves opportunities to have a good life: quality medical assistance and good health is essential for a full life. This is why Metrolab way of working is focused on a simple triad:


We understand technology as an instrument to seek the study and design of the best ways of significantly improving human health, always trying to incorporate the best tools, machinery, software IDE’s and arrangements and procedures certificated by the most prestigious organisms.

User Experience

User Experience (UX) involves a person's behaviors, attitudes, and emotions about using a particular product, system or service. User Experience includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership. Additionally, it includes a person’s perceptions of system aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency..


Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system. Designing often necessitates considering the aesthetic, functional, economic and sociopolitical dimensions of both the design object and design process. It may involve considerable research, thought, modeling, interactive adjustment, and re-design.

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